Purify & Glorify

Fiqh of Taharah and Salah

FIQH 101

In this course students will learn the legal rulings pertaining to Purification and Prayer, including the differences amongst the Madhaahib pertaining to these two areas.

Course Offering:

DAY: Every Saturday

TIME: 12:15 - 1:45 PM

STARTS: September 8, 2018

CLASSES: 12 Sessions

PRICE: $125

INSTRUCTOR: Imam Nadim Bashir


Course Details

What is this course about?

In a hadith the Prophet SAW says that the key to Jannah is salat and the key to salat is wudu. This hadith tells us that Salat should be performed in a manner that is pleasing to Allah to ensure our entry into Jannah. However, purification is the key to salat and without it, Salat will not be accepted. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have enough knowledge to fulfill all the obligations and conditions of Taharah and Salat which could potentially lead us to being deficient in our daily religious responsibilities.  Purify and Glorify is a semester long course focusing on the Fiqh of Taharah and Salat. By attending this class, one will be able to learn everything related to purification and prayer along with all its related topics.

Why do I need to take this class?

Acquiring knowledge is a journey of a lifetime. One must possess knowledge regarding all the affairs that are relevant to one. Studying and acquiring knowledge online or abroad is not suitable for most people due to their commitments to family and work. Therefore, Al-Hikmah Seminary provides an opportunity to study with traditionally trained Scholars in their own community.

What topics will be covered?

Taharah (Purification):

  • Fiqh rulings related to water
  • Wudu
  • Ghusl
  • Tayammum
  • Istinjaa
  • Impurities and all its forms
  • Sensitive men’s related matters
  • Sensitive women’s related matters

Salat (Prayer):

  • Inner and outer dimensions of prayer
  • Pre-requisites
  • Structure of salat according to the sunnah
  • Wajib, Sunnah and Optional prayers
  • Salat for specific occasions
  • What does and does not break the Salat
  • How to overcome mistakes in Salat
  • Is there a difference between the Salat of a man and woman?

What books will be used in this class?

"Accent to Felicity" and handouts given by Imam Nadim Bashir.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try your best to attend every class session so you may make the most of the course, InshaAllah. If, due to extenuating circumstances, you must miss a class, you have nothing to worry about. Every class session will be audio recorded. The recordings will be uploaded at most 72 hours after the class session in a private students-only online portal. You will receive access to this online portal after you register for the course, InshaAllah.

Al-Hikmah Seminary does not believe in turning people away if they need help. Please email us at [email protected] and we will look into your situation.

Potential students are welcome to come and attend the first session for free if they are unsure whether or not they want to register.

A student below the age of 15 may register and attend the course ONLY IF they are accompanied by their parent.


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