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Classes begin on Saturday, January 27th at the East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC), InshaAllah

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About Al-Hikmah Seminary

Our vision, mission and values


To offer foundational courses on Islam and the noble Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from authentic sources to adults and youth in an engaging and inspiring way. Our goal is for our community and future generations to be well-educated Muslims, whose knowledge is grounded in the tradition, linking them back to the Prophet Muhammed SAW, who can positively connect with and contribute to society at large.


  • Offer excellent and challenging courses in the Islamic sciences.
  • Foster spiritual growth in an Islamic environment encouraging moral and ethical values.
  • Develop each student’s ability to analyze and solve problems facing individuals in a rapidly changing world.
  • Aid students in becoming confident members of today’s diverse society and enabling them to take leadership roles in their own communities and beyond.

Our Values

Authentic Knowledge

Excellence in Belief, Character and Action

Authoritative Education

Spring 2018 Semester Classes

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Discovering The Prophet's Legacy (10:45-12:15pm)

Instructor: Ustadh Ekram Haque

Semester: Spring 2018

Take a journey through the noble Seerah of Allah's beloved. His life, his message, his trials, his triumphs, his legacy.

Every Saturday (starting Sat, Jan 27th).

Fundamentals of Deen (12:15-1:45pm)

Instructor: Imam Nadim Bashir

Semester: Spring 2018

A semester long class that will focus on fundamentals of Aqeedah, Worship, Mannerisms, Spirituality, and Self Discipline.

Every Saturday (starting Sat, Jan 27th).

Register For Spring 2018 Classes ($195 for the semester - includes both classes)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What if I only want to sign up for one class and not both?

A: We prefer that all Spring 2018 Seminary students sign up for both classes because they will complement each other well, InshaAllah. Additionally, if you register for both classes you will have access to the materials and recordings of both classes.

However, if for some reason you only want to sign up for one of the two classes, you may do so using the link(s) below:

Q: Will the class sessions be recorded?

A: Yes every class session will be audio recorded (and possibly video recorded) so you can go back and listen/watch the session for review purposes at your own convenience. The recordings will be posted in a private online members area to which only Seminary students will have access (for the classes for which they are registered students).

The Countdown...

Seminary classes begin on January 27th, InshaAllah. Are you ready?









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